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Using our industry experience in the BPO model, we transform your business to improve customer service, reduce operational costs and re-focus on core competencies.

Business processes are mapped out to fully understand the requirements of each task in order to analyze and identify how to achieve the highest quality and efficiency.Our defined approach in conducting the business operations at a global scale have helped us in developing the ability to assist our clients in handling their specific processes and business operations that are unrelated to the core competencies, helping them to focus in achieving utmost efficiencies.

We provide outsourcing of
non-primary business
activities such as data entry processing, billing, accounting, transactional processing, payment processing, IT services, human resources, warehousing, dispatches, online filing, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance by our dedicated team professionals ensuring the smooth running of businesses.

We help our clients discover, analyze, measure, improve, and optimize. Processes are structured to increase performance and strategically align with your overall goals.

Global Technology solutions

we deliver all-inclusive technology management solutions for our clients and meet the needs of various industry verticals across different geographies and business purposes..

Robotic Process Automation

We at GNAP help you leverage technologies to restructure your work by streamlining your business processes into simplified and effective automated systems resulting in increased efficiency..

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