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Company Overview

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These values define how we work with our colleagues and clients, and are a key part for our transformation.
They set the standards by which individual and team performance are measured and rewarded.


Our Culture

We support and encourage an entrepreneurial outlook and independent thinking. GNAP operates with little hierarchy. Little bureaucracy means plenty of cross-learning opportunities and make a real contribution to developing the business.


Our Mission

Gnap partners with clients to deliver high quality, high value business transformational solutions. We empower the best people, create honest relationships and always look for ways to do it right the first time.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Gnap thrive to be the most trusted business partner of all our stakeholders.


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Fostering teamwork, staying together, performance acceleration, we work in close collaboration with our co-workers, clients, customer, partners, employees, and people. Here, we find support and support others, and are responsible for helping to improve our communities.

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Forward thinking, progressive and industry driven, we view problems and ideas in fresh way. Our dedicated team understands the specific challenges of your industry and is dedicated to solving them expertly and quickly.

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Responsible Partner & Employer

We recognize that our words and actions affect others, whether positively or negatively. We take ownership of this. We tell the truth openly and without hesitation. We believe that more successful our employees are, the more successful our clients will be.

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Informed & Insightful

Intelligent technology, best practice guidance and service expertise; everything we create, from applications to documentation, has been carefully and thoughtfully built to the very highest standards. We perform our tasks with well-developed skill sets.

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We work with trust, data confidentiality, honesty and respect. Our business activities and relationships are built on trust, honesty and openness. We do what we promise and always strive to do the right thing. We ensure confidentiality to our clients at all levels.

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Our values guide us in our decision-making, they are embed in our processes, we keep them front & center in every interaction with colleagues and clients. Values that guide us: Innovation, Integrity, insightfulness, collaboration and responsibility

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